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Proven methods

Each of us has made this business work. Our approaches are not exactly the same, which gives you perspective on how this business can work in multiple ways.

Time is the Enemy

We deliver content in bite-size chunks. No eating the whole elephant here! We know you have a busy life - many juggling a career and/or family.

Expert Advice

We leverage experts from different areas of the business to provide additional content. We also each have our own areas of expertise.

Meet the Team

Meet Alexa! Alexa found out about Amazon selling in February of 2020 when she was looking to pay off debt, ​generate extra income, and dreaming of the day she could spend more time home with her kids. Although she ​opened the selling account in secret initially, she told her husband Steve about it as soon as she started scanning ​things that looked profitable. Amazon started as the “side-hustle” to her full-time Preschool Speech and Language ​Pathology job, and those early sourcing trips happened on the way to and from her job, or with kids in her cart in ​the evenings. Alexa and her husband were blessed to have started Amazon at just the right time (immediately Pre-​COVID closures), which is a true testament to taking action, and being prepared for when opportunity hits. Alexa ​was able to leave her regular job prior to the next school year to do Amazon full-time. Now, Alexa works in the ​Amazon business part-time and is able to spend most of her week home with their three young boys. You can find ​more about her on Instagram, @theother.alexa.

Some of Alexa’s Favorites:

Favorite category: BEAUTY

Favorite flip: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in April 2021

Favorite store: Ollie’s

Favorite part about Amazon: “The control and flexibility. I love that we have the option to make more money by ​working harder, which wasn’t a reality of my old job. I also love that we can choose to work whenever we are ​motivated or have down time, and can choose to take our feet off the gas when we want time as a family or to ​enjoy the life we’ve built.”

Steve is Alexa’s other half, and the one that is responsible for driving their 3.5 million dollar Amazon business ​forward with consistency and intention. At the start of his Amazon days, Steve was already hustling in three ​separate “jobs:” managing a family parking business, coaching boys’ varsity basketball, and reselling vintage toys ​on eBay and Facebook. With his understanding of resale, he took to Amazon immediately and understood just how ​scalable it could be with access to Amazon’s customer network and velocity. Steve and Alexa scaled quick, ​reaching 100k in revenue in just 97 days, and hitting their first million just shortly after their 1 year anniversary. ​Now, Steve uses his business background to run the business full-time, but still enjoys being the brains behind the ​sourcing and “buy and hold” strategy. Steve makes a point of being active and up-to-date in the Amazon reseller ​space on Twitter (@TheVillage_AMZ), noting that connections to others and his product knowledge are some of the ​most influential and important factors in the business’s success and continued growth.

Some of Steve’s Favorites:

Favorite category: TOYS

Favorite flip: LEGO 10743 “Smokey’s Garage”

Favorite store: Gabe’s

Favorite part about selling on Amazon: “Walking in to a store and finding everyday things with extraordinary ​profit!”

Tracey is the old-timer in the group! Tracey orginally started selling on eBay over 25 years ago and moved to the Amazon platform in 2000 - the year they first started allowing 3rd parties sellers to sell. Tracey worked her e-commerce business as a side hustle when she was teaching High School full-time and continued using it after moving into the corporate world. After obtaining her PhD and leading multiple organizations in the development and implementation of software in some of the largest school systems in America, Tracey finally left the corporate world in 2021 to pursue Amazon full time. Tracey loves to take RA “Road Trips” whenever possible. You can find her occasionally on Instagram, @7figuregrammy.

Some of Tracey’s Favorites:

Favorite category: TOYS

Favorite flip: Zhu Zhu Pets

Favorite store: My Secret “Honey Hole”

Favorite part about Amazon: “The ability to grow is so available to anyone. The fact that my little hobby is now my full-time gig, plus supporting additional staff with an income is truly incredible. Seeing where Amazon has come over the past 23 years is mind-boggling.”

What you can expect

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Honest, transparent advice from sellers who are doing the work every single day

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Quick response to questions

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A supportive community that wants you to be successful

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What our Members are saying....

“One good thing about being surrounded by winners is that it rubs off on you and you can’t help but start winning, too. That’s how I feel with The Village. There’s a number for reasons why I like the group but I feel it has pushed me to another level in my business - upgrading tools, sourcing different stores/sites, sourcing differently at stores I’m already buying from, building more ROI before I even buy inventory, changing up the processes of receiving inventory, etc. To put it in perspective, I was around $30K/month when I joined the group and I hit $60K last month and growing. I’ve been in a lot of groups, and most people that run FBA groups are not in the trenches or putting up numbers like they are. Surround yourself with winners.

-David P